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Photos by Judy Blem

billy livesay Billy Livesay
Songwriter/ guitars/ Lead Vocals —

Memorable pop-rock tunes, soulful vocals, wailing slide guitar, and riveting live performances are Billy Livesay's signature. A respected member of the music community, Billy has forged a national career and his songs have appeared:

  • MTV
  • Saving Grace
  • My Name is Earl
  • One Tree Hill
  • King of the Hill
  • Robin's Hoods
  • Doogie Howser
  • Samantha Who
  • Major motion pictures - Straw Dogs, Wrestle Maniac, Promised Land
  • HBO movie - Back To Even
  • NBC movies of the week - Mathew Sheppard Story, Death of A Cheerleader and Beauty's Revenge
  • Publishing deals with Kid Gloves Music, Transition Music and Crucial Music


eddie zyne
Photo by: Debi Berrios

Eddie Zyne

From pounding raw energy to tasteful finesse, Eddie's drumming skills have taken him on tours with Hall and Oates, Desmond Child and Rouge, the Monkees, Rick Derringer, Foghat, and now The Livesays. He worked closely with Billy on the "Little Bit of Hurt" project.  Eddie's talents have led him to endorsements for Sabian Cymbals and Pearl Drums. When asked about his influences, he doesn't hesitate to say "Ringo and the Beatles."  Visit Eddie's own website as well at Eddie Zyne Online. E-mail Eddie at ezyne@gate.netclick here to view more photos.

jorge laplume


Jorge Laplume
Bass - Born in Havana, Cuba Jorge, was raised in south florida. From the early age of 9 Jorge, immersed himself in american top 40 and then by age 12 and learning to play the guitar he was totally hypnotized by the sounds of the british invasion. With his latin upbringing and a steady diet of the rock groups The Who and Free,  Jorge, brings to The Livesays a bass sound that is fresh and thunderous. 


victor berrios


Victor "Cuqui" Berrios

Victor grew up in New York City. His musical influences lie in the 60's heartbeat of the city, from Do-Wop and Motown to the sounds of the british invasion. His first instrument at age 11 was the saxophone and then switching to keyboards and guitar after moving to south florida where he attended Hialeah High School and meeting Billy Livesay. Now coming full circle "Cuqui" and Billy are together again.

Cuqui, brings a touch of the city to The Livesays with his Hammond b-3 and soulful vocal sound.

tim murphy


Tim Murphy

Tim was born in Atlanta, GA and moved to south florida at the age of 6.
He started playing the bass guitar at age 14 after seeing The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
While attending Hialeah High School, he met Billy Livesay, where they formed a musical respect.
Soon out of necessity Tim dropped the bass and became a lead singer with a variety of up and coming local bands from Miami.

At the age of 24 he fell in love with the piano after hearing Elton John and hasn't looked back.
In demand and playing with several groups Tim, has turned his attention to The Livesays, where his piano style now his own, has rounded out the sound of The Livesays.

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